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We sometimes encounter wonderful things we were not looking for and then determine that they are even more beneficial to us than what we had actually been seeking.

But if we hadn't been searching in the first place we might never have been presented with such unexpected benefits.

Serendipity happens when we create the right conditions.

-- Carlton J. Buller

We are each born to become the best possible version of our respective selves. That is our true purpose in this life. We uplift all of humanity when we fulfill that purpose. It goes without saying that humanity is currently in dire need in that regard. So, anything we can do to move ourselves toward becoming the best that we can possibly be is a step in the right direction.

Now, at first glance, doing so may seem like a fairly straightforward task. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may find it quite easy to transform your life. But that is not the case for everyone. As in the game of golf, everyone has a different handicap. The starting line is staggered. And much of that has to do with our experiences as children.

Body, mind and spirit are the three centers of our manifestation in this physical world. When we are at our peak their vibrational frequencies are seamlessly integrated. But disruptions in the flow of energy can prevent the body from effectively collaborating with the mind and spirit and instead cause it to take impulsive and irrational action often based solely on physical urges.

Similarly, the mind then operates almost in a vacuum and causes illogical, emotional outbursts, unwarranted fear, misplaced trust, addictions, inability to love, etc. And the spirit, almost banished from its true place of residence, cannot get through with its intuitive messages of guidance. But even when it does, they are often misinterpreted

The person becomes almost like a zombie, a soulless body walking around with little or no knowledge of its true origins, remarkable potential, or limitless capacity for love, compassion, achievement and abundance. And it will remain that way until and unless the person finds a way to release the effects of all that negative conditioning, change the programming and restore the optimal vibrational frequencies.


At Personal Growth Solutions Group (PGSG), we are dedicated to the 'Become Your Masterpiece' concept. Part of that is providing guidance, tools and techniques to help you begin and continue your transformation journey. But for some, that is actually a journey of healing and transformation, again depending on your childhood experiences.

We provide information that is relevant to your starting point no matter where it is. And, while those who do not have to heal from the legacy of a difficult childhood may appear to be ahead of the game, some of the tools and techniques made available to them are actually derived from lessons learned from the healing journeys of those less fortunate.

At PGSG, we believe that two of our primary roles in this life are that of student and teacher. And that is reflected in everything we do.

Whatever it was that brought you here, we're happy that you made it.

And we think you will be too.

What unexpected benefits might await you?

Please browse the site to find out.


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