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Between these covers a pleasant surprise awaits.

This material is intended as a gift to those seekers who want to improve their lives and are ready for some thought provoking ideas about how exactly to do that.

The goal of this book is to entertain, inspire and inform all at the same time.


This is an image of one of the interior pages of Become Your Masterpiece that showcases one of the very special poems in the book.

This book is designed and present-ed as a coffee table book. It is not intended to be stuffed away on the top shelf of some bookcase after you have read it. Front and center  is an ideal location where it can serve as a conversation piece for family, friends and guests.

You may also want to keep it within easy reach for those moments when you succumb to the urge to revisit that one piece that touched you in a special way and demands reread-ing to get an even deeper under-standing of the many layers of discovery it evokes.

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Become Your Masterpiece: A Poetic Symphony of Wisdom, Guidance, Tools and Techniques for Transforming Your Life by Carlton J. Buller is a compilation of the author's poems, stories, and curated imagery. Buller's collection has a wide range of content that varies by length, tone, and tenor. This moves from the poem Choices, using a reflective, conversational style exploring alternate life paths, and contemplating how different choices shape circumstances and challenges, suggesting they serve the purpose of fulfilling one's existence in the universe, to a graph of the IEAR formula—Intentions + Expectations + Actions = Results—in colorful bubbles. From there one moves on to the autumnal photography of a tree, altered to reflect itself upside down, that accompanies the poem Duality, which expresses how the power of imagination and inner wisdom shape one's reality and lay the groundwork for future success and creativity.

There is so much to appreciate about Become Your Masterpiece by Carlton J. Buller, and every single poem and piece of artwork contributes to the work as a whole. Buller offers reflection and the provoking of thought, embodying it in poems like Meaning and Purpose, while also nourishing the soul with an authentic philosophical depth and mindfulness like in The Present, which also encourages seizing the moment. Empowerment streams throughout the book as a whole, but is no more apparent than in the poem Streaming. Buller refrains from stereotypical, linear poetic storytelling by offering twists that are delightfully unexpected. Blessings with its message of giving and receiving takes a unique turn. I loved that each piece was accompanied by imagery. Overall, this lovely coffee table book allows readers to enjoy it themselves and let it rest for others to pick up and share as well. Very highly recommended.

--Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

A distinctive, remarkable guide to personal growth that uses poetry as its medium… A keeper.

In this eclectic anthology of poetry and prose, Buller offers motivation, inspiration, and wisdom fostered through personal experience. Written and designed as a coffee table book, this self-help guide is devised to keep the reader on the path to their true destiny—one filled with love, joy, peace, abundance, understanding and compassion. Diving deep into themes of self-introspection, gratitude, visualization, creativity, making decisions, healing, and transformation, Buller’s inspirational verses provide a reminder that not every journey will be easy but if you remain steadfast in your efforts then you will eventually arrive at where you are meant to be in life—even if it looks different than you once imagined.


With each page turn comes a dose of timeless wisdom that serves as a reminder for readers to never give up on themselves no matter what obstacles life throws their way. As the narrative progresses, readers will gain an understanding of how to achieve deeper levels of self-awareness, create meaningful relationships with others, discover their passion and purpose in life, and ultimately become their best selves. The book encourages readers to practice self-love by learning how to let go of fear and doubt which can impede personal growth. It also highlights the importance of embracing change as part of growth. Ultimately, it will leave readers feeling empowered and inspired to take back control over their lives and become the masterpieces they were meant to be. Part photographical homage, part literary musing, part self-help guide, this innovative poetic work makes for a must-have.


--The Prairies Book Review

“Despite our best intentions, the circumstances of life often derail us from our goals. Carlton Buller offers…life advice, inspiration, and wisdom fostered through personal experience in this eclectic anthology of transformational poetry…a self-help guide…designed to keep the reader on the path to their true destiny… Buller’s motivational framework is structured to ease the reader into a life of self-introspection, help them understand the value and importance of dreaming and visualization, foster an appreciation for gratitude and the acts of giving and receiving, simplify the process of creating something, identify the first step before making a critical decision, and inspire the reader to continue their transformative journey. Buller frames his poetry to tell a story…filled with introspection, emotions, and enlightenment. He notably emphasizes the importance of mental wellness, persistence…and prioritizing rest and reflection. Become Your Masterpiece is an unconventional poetic guide to self-improvement principles and practices. It will undoubtedly leave you a better person after reading.”


--American Writing Awards


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