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Our Vision

At PGSG we’re passionate about personal growth. We believe everyone should have the opportunity and the resources to become the best that they can possibly be. If each of us is able to achieve that then the world itself will be all that it was meant to be. Our vision below reflects our dreams, our hopes and our aspirations.

We See...

... a world based on collaboration rather than competition, compassion instead of condemnation and reconciliation, not retribution ... a place where life is once again valued as much as, and even more than, material wealth, yet we each enjoy the prosperity that is our birthright.

... a time when there is no longer any child abuse, abandonment, neglect, or human trafficking ... when we value, nurture and protect at all costs our most precious resource, our children ... when disputes are settled amicably, wars are a thing of the past and our priorities are respect for all life, protection of our environment and a greater understanding of our oneness with the multiverses, the galaxies, the stars and all the objects, spaces and energies between and beyond.

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