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About the Company

Personal Growth Solutions Group (PGSG) was conceived and born in April 2013 as a direct result of the perceived need to create personal growth products specifically for those who have been programmed to fail and those who seek to help them transcend that programming. After an extended hiatus the company is now relaunching in a major way.

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Our Story

The primary reason for the existence of the company is to help people become all that they were meant to be. A great many people have been programmed to fail, and they have no idea that is why they face difficulties when trying to improve their lives. While we are still children we are inundated with environmental factors that can and do result in failure programming for some.

That includes naysayers, dream stealers, poor parenting and even our own conditioning brought on by early failures during initial exploration of our surroundings, depending on how those around us and those responsible for us react to such failures. Our belief systems can be negatively impacted. And we could get locked into a cycle of thought patterns that inhibit our ability to achieve our full potential.

For some, gaining an understanding of these hidden thought patterns and the reason why they exist can be quite straightforward. And they may be able to easily implement recommended solutions and receive the benefit of their efforts and that of those who might be assisting them.


Others may not be so fortunate and have great difficulty understanding why. Members of that latter group are typically unaware of the barriers they face when it comes to improving their lives. That is because of the nature of the conditioning that embedded the failure programming deep within their psyche.

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That latter group has likely endured neglect, abandonment or abuse in various forms but are at an even greater disadvantage because they have no idea how insidious the impact of that legacy can be and typically is. The good news for them is that the company is fully prepared to assist them in their efforts to achieve their full potential even though the barriers they face have been predicated by such atrocities visited upon them as innocents.

Himself a survivor, Carlton Buller understands that survivors who manage to heal themselves still face a daunting task when it comes to getting beyond survival and achieving the success they desire in many areas of their lives. That is because unhealed survivors must reclaim their lives before they can transform those lives. And they can't do so until they become aware of the deep-seated, negative conditioning that is holding them back. A separate path is needed to help those in that category uncover, understand and release the pain of past trauma in the process of reconnecting with their true, authentic selves.

Because of his passion for personal growth and his understanding of just how pervasive failure programming is in our society, he has established an all encompassing vision for the company, which focuses on serving all those who have been programmed to fail regardless of how that failure programming occurred. Through the BYM brand, PGSG focuses on helping them to overcome adversity and transcend their past to the point of achieving mastery over all aspects of their lives.


The company delivers its life-changing material through printed books, eBooks and audiobooks. Other content delivery methods are being explored. A community feature is also planned for this website in order to be able to host private forums.

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