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FairWeather Publications, LLC

Books that uplift the human spirit and improve the human condition

About FairWeather Publications

Founded in 2000, FairWeather Publications was created for the purpose of publishing one book. Over the years, two more were added. And now comes number four with two more planned for 2024 and others on the horizon.

There never was a plan or any dedicated effort to grow the company. Along the way, Personal Growth Solutions Group was formed. But still there was no mission because the vision was not yet clear. You could say that the founder reluctantly came to the acknowledgment that this indeed was the path he needed to travel. And so, he began putting a team together.

Become Your Masterpiece is the first book to come out of this renewed effort. It will launch in November of 2023. Marketing and distribution activities are now underway. In addition to the other books on the drawing board, which include audiobooks and eBooks, some self-paced courses are also under development with initial release scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024.

The primary focus of all these efforts is on material that will uplift the human spirit and improve the human condition. The company is initially focused on publishing material created by the team. But the door is open for taking on other authors in the future, so long as such material is in keeping with the main thrust of the company and said effort will not in any way detract from the primary mission.

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