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Carlton Buller

At an early age Carlton became interested in metaphysics. When the nuns were teaching that God made man he was quick to ask who made God. That natural curiosity led him to always try to figure out how things worked. He marveled at the awesome power of nature. He felt more comfortable alone in nature than with people. It was as if he was trying to become one with the universe.
Headshot of Carlton Buller

As he was reaching adulthood he began to spread his wings, wandering far and near. His travels took him to several continents. He did stints in the US Marines and Silicon Valley and pursued various fields of study. His brand of restlessness surely meant that he was searching for something. He would eventually realize that he was going everywhere but getting nowhere.

And that certain something he had long been seeking but never finding? He would only discover it after slowing down long enough to realize the futility of all that activity. His inward quest began after he was advised by a Native American shaman to redirect his energy, as all the answers he needed were already inside of him.

That proved to be amazingly prophetic. Though he wouldn't be able to recognize it for a very long time, it really marked the beginning of his journey of healing and transformation - a journey that continues to this day. It also led him to discover his true purpose in life - a purpose we all share - and define a major mission in support of that purpose. Today, he is singularly focused on helping others become all that they were meant to be.

He continues to do that through speaking engagements, seminars, webinars, poetry, the four books he has published and the new writing projects he currently has in process.

Sam Phoenix Jones, GMBPsS
Coaching Psychologist

“The wonderful thing about this path of life, is that you can start wherever you are right now, today, and find new ways forward that will empower, heal and enable you to flourish in ways you may not yet know…”

Sam has built an international reputation as an exceptional Life Coach and Psychologist. She believes that people flourish better by being empowered and inspired and applies that belief along with the premise (ethos) of ‘best life possible’ to transform client's lives, using an empowering toolkit that she has created based on knowledge and experience.

These tools are easy to remember and can be applied time and again, with great effect, in both current and future situations, getting clients from where they are right now on their path in life to where they want to be. Sam uses these tools intuitively and empathically to teach people how to change their thinking and perceptions, which in turn creates catalytic changes in what they do and how they react and helps them create their ‘best life possible’.


She understands how things unresolved, negative things held onto, unhappiness or drifting in life, can affect a person’s layers and how they live their lives and how people can feel lost and then get stuck. Her tools enable people to get unstuck and see the silver linings that can be found in even the toughest of situations and ask what the best outcomes can be, and then find the ways to get there.


Having experienced a very dysfunctional and difficult childhood, she was determined to break the cycle and not just thrive, but flourish. Along her own path in life, she learned that silver linings in tough moments can bring gifts of clarity and that forgiveness is not just helpful, but actually necessary for the greatest emotional healing

She has a degree in Human Psychology (accredited by the British Psychological Society) and began coaching after completing her degree. She is also SATI trained in group facilitation for trauma recovery.

Sam has built a strong reputation as a person who has an incredible ability to listen on many levels, using her professional knowledge of body language and linguistics coupled with an innate intuition to get the best results possible, which creates incredible, cathartic and deep healing in the people she works with.


Intuitive and empathic in her work, her results are often described by clients and fellow professionals as incredible, thought provoking and life changing.

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