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Reclaim Your Life

Claim Your Peace

Recovering from the legacy of childhood maltreatment involves three basic processes:


  1. Awakening

    • Recovering repressed memories and beginning to feel again

  2. Reconnecting

    • Re-experiencing, grieving and releasing the pain of past trauma

  3. Healing

    • Restoring optimal vibrational frequencies for body, mind and spirit

Your starting point with respect to the three major processes will depend on the door through which you entered and a number of other factors. If you used Door #1, and you have already recovered most of your repressed memories but have not yet gone beyond that, then you might be able to skip the Awakening portion. If you are aware that something happened but the details still elude you then you would likely need to start from the beginning.

Those of you who came through Door #2, depending on past interventions and any work you might have done, could begin either at process 2. or process 3. But process 2. is the recommended starting point for the majority of Door #2 entrants.

As the man in the story (that you will find under the 'BYM Genesis' tab) sat by his father's bedside and reviewed the first printed copy of his second book he suddenly found himself learning from the lessons it contained. The obvious question is how is it possible that he could be learning from a book that he had written? The revelations began coming fast and furious.

The universe had been trying to teach him something for a very long time. But he had been too badly wounded to ever stand a chance of getting the message. So, his first and second books were written primarily for his benefit. And it became clear that he could not ever take credit for anything he wrote. It felt like his hand was guided every single time he did. The messages he is delivering are not coming from him but rather through him.

The realizations on this page resulted directly from his journey, described in that story on the 'Genesis' page. The same is true of all the information on the 'Transform Your Life' page. The lessons continue to this day.

Spirit, mind and body are the three centers of our manifestation in this physical world. When we are at our peak their vibrational frequencies are seamlessly integrated. Disruptions in the flow of energy can cause the body to act solely based on emotion without the guidance of intuition. It can also inhibit the mind from recognizing true intuitive messages, resulting in a failure to take appropriate action. It is important for all three to be functioning as a unit.


As young children our minds and bodies are at an early stage of development. But when a child is abused, instead of the three centers increasingly functioning as a unit they begin to lose cohesiveness, partly due to the disruption of the energy flow and vibrational frequencies and partly as a defense mechanism to protect the child from the pain of the experience.


Like the expanding ripple effect of a stone tossed into a pond, the trauma suffered as a child gradually destroys the cohesion of spirit, mind and body. As your vibrational frequencies are interrupted, and vibrational distance is created between them, their ability to act as a whole is severely diminished.


When there is no early intervention, this effect becomes so magnified over time that the child’s mind and body grow up almost totally unaware of its spirit. The longer you remain in this state the worse the dissonance and discord gets. And the three centers of our being each fulfill their respective responsibilities virtually independent of each other. The result is an entity that is dysfunctional and totally inefficient.


At this stage you are very vulnerable to additional abuse, betrayal, treachery, etc. You have no idea about boundaries or propriety. You’re basically just numb. It’s almost as if you have no feelings. And your concept of right and wrong is almost non-existent.


The body cannot effectively collaborate with the mind and spirit and takes impulsive and irrational action often based primarily on physical urges. The mind similarly operates almost in a vacuum and causes illogical, emotional outbursts, unwarranted fear, misplaced trust, addictions, inability to love, etc. The spirit, almost banished from its true place of residence, cannot get through with its intuitive messages of guidance. And even when it does, they are often misinterpreted.


The person becomes almost like a zombie, a soulless body walking around with little or no knowledge of its true origins, remarkable potential, or limitless capacity for love, compassion, achievement and abundance. And it will remain that way until and unless the person finds a way to release the effects of all that negative conditioning, change the programming and restore the optimal vibrational frequencies.

  1. Childhood maltreatment, among other things, programs a person to fail.

  2. The greatest tragedy is the untold story of the many millions of people who go about their daily lives (completely unaware of the hidden dangers contained within their repressed memories) totally oblivious to the fact that the reason they are unable to realize their full potential is because they have been programmed to fail.

  3. They will never be able to do so until they find a way to reverse that programming.

  4. But they themselves inadvertently add to the failure programming by virtue of their well meaning commitment to themselves to survive at any cost.

  5. So, it is difficult for them to reverse that failure programming without some assistance from someone who can facilitate the total transformation that is necessary if they are to have a chance.

  6. The traveler had been fortunate to stumble upon a way of healing himself during the writing of his first book in 2000.

  7. He eventually came to the realization that others could do likewise and has since formulated it into a process that anyone can utilize.

  8. As horrible as it is to be abused as a child it is even worse to reach an advanced age without having found a way to heal.

  9. Once you reach a certain age and begin to experience some measure of diminished mental capacity it is too late to do the necessary healing work, and it is work - personal growth can be painful.

  10. It is best to do the healing work while you are still blessed with physical and mental fortitude.

  11. Early intervention (during childhood) is best, but it is still worthwhile if it doesn't happen until later.

  12. Oftentimes, it is a so-called, mid-life crisis (typically the breakup of a marriage or relationship) that triggers recovery of repressed memories.

  13. Once you recover those memories you enter an even more painful period of your life.

  14. That pain should ultimately drive you to begin your journey of healing and transformation.

  15. You don't have to wait for a mid-life crisis to trigger recovery of those memories.

  16. There are ways to speed up that process, and one of them is listening to or reading the stories of other people's abusive past.

Once you recover them what do you do?

The BYM project is designed to help you reclaim your life.

After you have reclaimed your life then you will be ready to transform your life.

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